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in Arizona?

We are looking for players to play in pick-up games and leagues.

Learn more about floorball below and contact us to get involved. Likely venues in Scottsdale, Gilbert, Phoenix, Flagstaff and Tucson. Currently playing in Tempe, AZ (YMCA)
It’s co-ed and youth friendly

We are looking for players of any age and gender. Depending on the interest level from different groups, time slots will be designed to accomadate everyone.


The United States Floorball Association is the official governing body of floorball in the USA. Click on the logo above for more info. Come back and contact us.


Read Articles, try Exercise Drawer, get inspired by Drill Book and enjoy exploring the depths of coaching floorball – all that brought to you by professional floorball coaches.

It's affordable and addicting.

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What is floorball?

Floorball is a safe, fast and modern alternative to ice/roller hockey.

Floorball, a type of floor hockey, with five field players and a goalkeeper on each team. Men and women play indoors with 100-115.5 cm long sticks and a plastic ball with holes.

Typical equipment for a floorball player consists of a stick, a pair of shorts, a shirt, socks, and indoor sport shoes. Players may wear shin guards, eye protectors and protective padding for vital areas although most do not.

A floorball stick is short compared with one for ice hockey; the maximum size for a stick is 114 cm. As a stick cannot weigh any more than 350 grams, floorball sticks are often made of carbon and composite materials.

  • % of People who would play again...

    Well. We made that up, but in our experience almost everyone who gives it a try loves it.

  • % of equipment costs vs. ice/roller hockey.

    You probably just need a stick. Beginner sticks can be as little as $25. In fact, if you don't have a stick, we will lend you one.

  • % of experience needed.

    If you can stand, run, see and hold a stick, you can play floorball. Like any fun sport, floorball is easy to learn, but requires dedication to master.


A short primer on what makes floorball different than ice/roller hockey.

It's affordable and addicting.

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